New York Music by Carol McFadden

English: Dioni at a concert in New York City.

English: Dioni at a concert in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Carol McFadden

New York City is all about party, dance and rock in roll. It is a mini world of its own. In New York City, you can shop for endless hours buying and viewing music records of all genres, races, time and taste!

Downtown Music Gallery is a haven for jazz lovers who love funky, hot and daring music. Visit this fantastic music hub in New York City and feel utter content. One of the perfect music outlet both in terms of the quality and pricing in New York City, is non e other than theAcademy. The store has an unparalleled collection of best jazz, punk, folk, classical and rock.

Generation Records located on Thompson Street in New York City has an extensive selection of refined music that is carefully selected to appeal to most music tastes. The place is packed with punk, ska and extreme-metal, classic-rock and alternative releases in a variety of CDs and DVDs.
If you want to purchase a mellow and dancing electronic music with the best quality and flare, then hunt the shelves at New York City hit music shop–Halcyon. Talking of listening to loud beats and electronic drums do not forget crashing in Hospital Productions.

Hip-Hop lovers in New York City must plan a visit to this gorgeous outlet- the Fat Beats! Here you will find latest and up-to date releases including several in house arranged performances of hottest music celebrities. The store has quite affordable DVDs, CDs, DJ supplies, rare vinyl and other music accessories.

Other famous music shops in New York City, worth visiting include Other Musicit has a rare collection of hip-hop, rock, jazz, world music and experimental sounds. Permanent Records keeps latest and original records of jazz, popular indie-rock beats and rare vinyl equipment. Check out Sound Fix to experience absolute exotic music selection of indie-rock, experimental persuasion, folk and country hippies. Another sizzling music bar in NYC is Turntable Lab. Located in East Village, it is absolute paradise for a DJs selection. In addition the house has an interesting and captivating music collection on various music genres with melodious underground dance music.


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